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Your spotlight on local services

About us

Healthwatch Hackney is your local health and care watchdog. 

Our vision

Our vision is of a borough where the provision of health and social care is equal and accessible to all; where services are of a high quality and meet the needs of all communities in Hackney and where residents are at the heart of the design, delivery and improvement of health and social care services.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve health and social care provision and outcomes for people in Hackney by working to ensure that treatment and care is provided with respect and dignity, valuing diversity, encouraging participation and working together. We do this by being the independent champion for residents and users ensuring that the voices of people across the borough are heard in order to influence decision makers.

Read our 2014-15 strategy here.

You can help Healthwatch Hackney by:

  • Reaching out to people in your community to collect their views and experiences
  • Rate or comment on local NHS and care services you’ve by clicking here or calling 020 7923 8358
  • Help us conduct citizens' enter and view visits to local health and social care services 

The more people that join Healthwatch the stronger and more influential we will can be.