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Your spotlight on local services

How does this relate to the Hackney devolution pilot?

The integrated commissioning partners (with City of London Corporation as an observer) came together as a Hackney devolution pilot in 2015. Hackney is one of five health and social care devolution pilots in London.

The focus in Hackney was integrating health and social care to better meet residents’ needs. As part of this, the Hackney partners asked for extra powers to be devolved (given) to them in the following areas:

  • Immunisation and screening.
  • Integrated commissioning of services that are currently excluded from section 75 agreements.
  • Estates (NHS buildings and properties).
  • Public health.

The partners are still waiting to hear back from central government on their requests for devolved powers that they submitted in their devolution business case. A new London devolution agreement was expected in 2017 but has not taken place.

The goal of the Hackney devolution pilot to improve local services by working together continues through integrated commissioning. These goals are shared in the video below.

Greater Manchester has had extra powers devolved to it from central government and now controls all the area’s health and social care. Read more about devolution in Manchester here.